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Church problems
we are trying to



Tiresome tithe collection:

We offer a central platform for churches to streamile the collection of tithes. We provide secure and convenient digital payment options, allowing congregation members to contribute seamlessly from anywhere.


Difficulty tracking growth:

We provide robust analytics and reporting features. This allows administrators to monitor attendance trends, identify areas of growth, and make data-driven decisions to better serve the community.


Staff burnout:

With the centralized platform, staff members can efficiently manage and organize crucial information, such as member profiles and tithes. By automating these processes, Imani saves time and minimizes the risk of errors that could lead to additional work or confusion. This dramatically reduces workload on staff.

Solutions we are offering:

Mobile App

  • Easily make tithe and donatins online

  • Take and keep sermon notes

  • Notifications of announcements ana services

  • Grow in your community and family

  • Participate in groups and events

  • Stream church services and events

Web Portal

  • Management and recors of finances

  • Powerful member management tools

  • Analytics and reporting features

  • Event planning

  • Communication and announcements

Resilient API

  • MPesa integration

  • Regular data backups and disaster recovery

  • Secure and fault tolerant database provisioning

  • Scalable to 10,000+ users

  • Average latency below 1ms


One solution for
managing information,
both for the
church leadership
and congregation

One solution for managing information,
transactions and activities

App Phone